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Coming January 2016!

    Torrin Wyatt was doing routine maintenance to the ComSat of the ship he was assigned to in the ITFS.  An apparent accident results in him waking up in an unfamiliar place, all alone.  He finds himself in an empty civilian spaceport on what seems to be a small abandoned planet with a very strange, icy landscape. Things still don't make any sense after he meets Victor Healey, a twentieth century American who also mysteriously arrived in the same terminal a month earlier.  They're soon joined by others from all throughout human history, and begin discovering what they all have in common. It becomes a fight for survival as they're suddenly under attack from the forces that brought them together.


Reversion: Black Hands Novella

Book One in the Reversion Series
Available Now!

    Alec Leak is an antisocial loner, living in the mountains of what used to be known as Southern Montana / Northern Wyoming, just outside a valley containing the newly founded town of New Hope. Alfred Nash is the town doctor. The two must join forces to help save the town from a group of vicious raiders who have murdered their mutual friend in front of his family.

They turn from defending heroes to escaping prisoners as they’re taken to the headquarters of Colin Romilda, the leader of the raiders. Things take a very shocking turn when they begin executing their plan for escape.  

  • Wolfcrest - second book in the Reversion series. Currently Writing. Synopsis: In the years following the events at the Black Hand Ranch, a new council has a plan to rebuild civilization. In order to do so, they need to have an idea of how many cities and towns are left. Expeditions are sent in every direction to seek out any communities thriving in the wastelands of America.

    One such expedition - led by Graham Faulkner and George Stoneridge - seems to be having great success, until they come across the town of Wolfcrest. No one is left to greet the caravan, the church has been burnt to the ground, and the cemetery destroyed. Doors and windows were left wide open, and personal belongings litter the street.

    The expedition goes into rescue mode and becomes determined to find out why the town was abandoned in such a hurry.

Black Hands:
paperback: 9781329199996
hardcover: 9781329025141
ebook: 9781329025127

paperback: 9781329675810
hardcover: 9781329534124
ebook: 9781329583078

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