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I've been seeing a lot of articles lately with tips for aspiring authors, but I noticed they're all pretty much the same thing. So I thought of a few things that they never talk about, or just flat out got wrong, and made my own. I posted it to Goodreads, so here it is:
Four Social Media and Marketing Tips for New Authors They Either Didn't Mention, or Lied About.

My YouTube account might not have much on it right now, but I'm planning to start being active on there and posting all kinds of videos. If anyone is interested, here it is: CLICK HERE.

I've had several people emailing me for autographed items, and I've always sent bookplates for them to stick into my books. But lately, everyone is asking for photos of myself instead. Honestly, I hate having my picture taken. It's not something I enjoy the slightest bit, but I've decided to send out autographed 4x6 photos from now on in addition to the bookplates. I'd really prefer to be signing books, though. *hint hint*

My Author Spotlight page is the best place for print copies.

E. E. Winston IV's Author Spotlight

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If you're interested in physical copies, the Paypal button above is the best way to go, but the least expensive available are through the publisher's website listed below. For ebooks, it is best to go through your ereader store (Kindle, Google Play Books, Nook, iBooks, etc.)