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*What order should the Reverion Series be read in?
- Actually, the Reversion Series is designed so it doesn't matter what order they are read in. The first one, Black Hands Novella, is basically an introduction to the universe, but not necessarily relevant to the other stories. The history leading up to the current circumstances in all of the books is mostly forgotten and mysterious to the people in the stories, so the backstory is unnecessary.

*What genres do you read?
- I don't limit myself to any specific genres. I'm willing to give any a chance. I'm all over the board: Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, Spy Thrillers, and Horror.

*Who are your favorite authors?
- My favorite author of all time is Michael Crichton. Others I enjoy are Stephen King (of course), Nelson Demille, Joseph Finder, Brad Meltzer (and his TV shows), Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, Lee Child, Patricia Cornwell, and Robert Ludlum.

*What Hobbies do you enjoy?
- Besides reading and writing, I collect signed items. Most of my library is signed, and I also have an extensive collection of sports memorabilia and music signatures (This is also why I'm so eager to sign autographs for anyone who asks me for one). I collect watches, go metal detecting, dabble in jewelry making, and have a collection of precious metals and precious gems. Other hobbies are photography and collecting just about anything collectible.

*Is being an author your lifelong dream?
- Actually, no. Once I was old enough to understand being the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, First Base for the Rangers, and an Astronaut were all unrealistic, I became a little obsessed with discovery. By discovery, I mean: archeology, paleontology, exploration, and lost history of any kind. My real dream would be to be like Robert Ballard, or even a treasure hunter (Which explains my metal detecting hobby).

*What inspired you to write?
- I've always enjoyed writing. I often got in trouble in elementary school during creative writing because my stories weren't focused on the prompts we were given. One note I specifically remember said "You were ONLY supposed to write about what YOU did at the mall, not everyone else."

*What was your inspiration for The Cold Dead?
- It was actually a very vivid dream I had after binge watching Doctor Who, but was nothing like anything in the show. I changed the characters from Myself as the Doctor, Davy Crockett, JFK, and Jimmy Hoffa to a team of military personnel. I also woke up before finding out what was actually going on, so thats where the writing kicked in. I also made it darker and much more serious.

*What genres are all of your books?
- Each book is different (outside of the Reversion Series). The Cold Dead is Sci-Fi, with elements of time travel and history. The Reversion Series is post-apocalyptic, with a dash of western, and a pinch of horror. I have plans for some political satire, more sci-fi, horror, possibly some treasure hunting, and historical fiction.


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Location: San Antonio, TX.

Physical address and phone numbers are available to book stores and media only.

*Unfortunately, I am not available for any speaking engagements at the moment. Book signings are a possibility, but my travel is restricted to the San Antonio, TX. area due to my current schedule. If you would like me to stop by a store and sign your inventory, I'd be glad to. If your a fan, feel free to message me as well.

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